Wild Sweet Orange

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   I really should constitute this as a Song Find, but oh well. Wild Sweet Orange is a band from my local neighborhood, and they’re playing at Workplay if you’re in the Birmingham area…

    Yes, I do want to go impossible badly. Can I? Of course no, because I have “responsibilities”. Pah.

Ten Dead Dogs by Wild Sweet Orange. Lyrics, very cool.


The Fray

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The Fray does have one of two really famous songs, but do you know of they’re less unkown songs?

You Found Me – my fav, listen to the opening closely

She Is

Song Find

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Silly Boy by The Blue Van



Hawk Nelson

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I recently saw Hawk Nelson live at the Revolve Tour in Atlanta. They were amazing… the lead singer body surfed the crowd.

Everything Skit

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Watch with an open mind and heart.

Song Find

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Walking on Air by Kerli

   This song (lyrics) caught my attention when it was free in iTunes. Look at the lyrics… it’s very different from what I normally like.

UGH. and a Song Find.

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   I hate to sound whiny, but this will be the second time I miss a concert where someone who I love is playing. Today, right now, Graham Colton is at a local concert hall in my area.

   A few weeks ago, I missed one of my all time favorite bands, NEEDTOBREATHE, at the same concert hall.

Graham Colton singing Best Days.