Pork and Bean Video

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Song Find

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Farewell Ride by Beck

I found this in a commerical for the TV show The Sheild. It’s not normall what I listen to, and the opening is a little long for me, but you fast-forward from 10 to 50 seconds and you should get the gist.

different and intersting lyrics

PSSST! i feel like a cowboy when i listen to this song (:

Krzysztof Penderecki

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He’s either crazy or a genius. Most likely both.

This is how he think out his music. WHOA.

More here, very cool.

Sports Photos

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   Being in the right place at the right time pays off… but only for the photographer. Sorry, I can’t add a picture, but just click on the link.


29 More and Source

World Wonders

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   I will most likely never see this, and that’s a tragedy.


Venezuela’s Everlasting Storm

       Story short, an ever lasting lightening storm.


Idaho’s Fire Rainbow

     Story short, the rain and sun and clouds have a party, leaving us with this.


You can get the Wiki articles on your own if you’re interested enough.

Sourse : http://www.oddee.com/item_91568.aspx

Song Find

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The Blue Van from Denmark. Oh how I wish I lived there.


Silly Boys, from the Samsung US TV and Radio campaign.


Man Up, from Beverly Hills 90210, and was on the cover of the European iTunes Rock page.